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[texts]Usual Suspect #5
patience thought and a little paste.
Keywords: punk; anarchist
Downloads: 59
[texts]Thoughts on Liberation. A Personal Anarchist Dictionary - Teoman Gee
A Personal Anarchist Dictionary
Keywords: Dictionary; anarchist
Downloads: 134
[audio]Anarchy Radio 01 07 2014 - John Zerzan
A weekly anarchist radio broadcast.
Keywords: Anarchist; green anarchist; anti-civilization
Downloads: 391
[audio]Anarchy Radio 04 22 2014 - John Zerzan
weekly anarchist talk show
Keywords: anarchist; green anarchist; anti-authoritarian
Downloads: 473 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Anarchy Radio 12 24 2013 - John Zerzan
an anarchist radio talk show
Keywords: anarchist; green anarchist; anti-civilization
Downloads: 506
[audio]ANARCHY RADIO 3 11 2014 - John Zerzan
weekly anarchist talk show
Keywords: anarchist; green anarchist; anti-authoritarian
Downloads: 303
[audio]Anarchy Radio 1 20 2015.1 - John Zerzan
a weekly anarchist call-in show
Keywords: anarchist; green anarchist; anti-authoritarian
Downloads: 355
[texts]T SOR 03 56 25i 1 - Spirit of Revolt
Belfast Anarchist Newspaper.
Keywords: Belfast; anarchist; archive; anarchist; spirit of revolt
Downloads: 12
[texts]The Unleashed Thoughts of An Anarchist: Another Interview With Anthony Rayson - Coyote
Keywords: interviews; Anarchist black cross; prisoner; anarchist
Downloads: 72
[audio]Property - audioanarchy
An anarchist point of view on property.
Keywords: anarchist; political; property; talk
Downloads: 172
[audio]Mr Beale, meet Mr Palast. - Greg Palast
Keywords: political; audio; music; anarchist
Downloads: 62
[audio]2012 International Anarchist Convergence in St Imier
About 15 minutes of interviews and other material recorded at the International Anarchist Convergence in St Imier, Switzerland in August 2012. All in english.
Keywords: anarchist; anarchy; anarchism
Downloads: 37
[audio]Black Sheep Rising - Episode 01
In this fine episode, Robin Hood of Keene makes an appearance, Conan has way too much fun with his new sound drops and James decides it would be pretty neat to flip off his mic half way through the show. Good times.  View the show notes at
Keywords: libertarian; anarchist; voluntaryist
Downloads: 15
[audio]Dead Notes
Dead Notes
Keywords: music; hip hop; anarchist
Downloads: 46
[audio]Being an anarchist - audio from DABF 2012 - Dublin Anarchist Bookfair 2012
Recording of the 'Being an anarchist' session at the 2012 Dublin anarchist bookfair where 3 WSM members talk about the influences that brought them into radical politics and anarchism. Touches on 1981 Hunger strikes, 1984 Miners strike and x-case as well as more recent events like the Garda attack on the Dec 2010 student protest in Dublin.
Keywords: anarchism; anarchist; Ireland
Downloads: 50
An anarchist explanation of property.
Keywords: anarchist; political; property
Downloads: 115
[image]Toronto anarchist bookfair 2011 - Toronto Anarchist Bookfair
event poster
Keywords: anarchist; toronto; poster
Downloads: 46
An anarchist perspective on work.
Keywords: audio; political; anarchist
Downloads: 141
[audio]Milonga del payador anarquista - anonymous
anarchist folk from argentina
Keywords: anarchist folk; argentina
Downloads: 38
[texts]An Anarchist's Manifesto - Jonathan Simcock
This manifesto is not a definitive or fixed blueprint, it is one Anarchist's personal view of how things are today and how they might be. If it results in just a few people stopping to think about different ways of doing things before they give passive and uncritical support to the status quo in the form of a vote, it will have served its purpose. The vision of such a free society has long been a source of hope...
Keywords: anarchy; anarchist; anarchism
Downloads: 248
[movies]Anarchist Bookfair Ad - (anon)
The annual Anarchist Bookfair in SF. A (nameless) friend and I put together this ad, using recent footage that we'd taken of Jean Pauline, anarchist extraordinaire. It's a snappy two minute romp through Jean's personal history and what was upcoming at the fair in March, 2005.
Keywords: anarchist; ad; Jean Pauline
Downloads: 1,455
[texts]The Uprise Zine #2 - uprising
This is an uprising. This is an alternative to the pile of shit that lay on the governments table. it is time for the youth of this nation to stand up for what THEY believe in. nto for whats told to them by someone who sits in an office in washingtondc, dictating and collecting. this is what eye believe in and knowledge that has come to me not through the govnmt, but instead through reading and opening my minds eye...
Keywords: anti-government; anarchist; punk
Downloads: 102
[texts]Anarchist Study Groups - The Tuesday Night Study Group
This pamphlet by "The Tuesday Night Study Group" is a pamphlet put out by a long-standing anarchist study group in the Bay Area of California. The pamphlet explains how they decide what they are going to read, how they facilitate discussion, how to decide on logistic matters (where to meet, how often to meet, how to get people involved, etc). It's a helpful pamphlet for those who want an easy and worthwhile anarchist project to start in their area.
Keywords: zine; zines; anarchist; anarchism
Downloads: 38
[texts]Stay Calm
Stay Calm: Some Tips for Keeping Safe in Times of State Repression is a zine out of the Bay area that offers up a number of useful tips for staying safe during periods of repression. It includes suggestions for using technology safely, de-escalating conflicts within the anarchist milieu, and responding to grand juries and house raids.
Keywords: zine; zines; anarchist; repression
Downloads: 40
[texts]Cracks in the Concrete Distro
Summer 2010 catalog of CITC Distro
Keywords: anarchist; zine; distro
Downloads: 267
[texts]ABC of Anarchism - Alexander Berkman
Our social institutions are founded on certain ideas: as long as the latter are generally believed, the institutions built on them are safe. Government remains strong because people think political authority and legal compulsion necessary. Capitalism will continue as long as such an economic system is considered adequate and just. The weakening of the ideas which support the evil and oppressive present day conditions means the ultimate breakdown of government and capitalism...
Keywords: anarchism; anarchy; anarchist; theory
Downloads: 688
[texts]Anarchist Survival Guide for Understanding Gestapo Swine Interrogation Mind Games - Harold H. Thompson
Starting from the premise that if police or investigators had a solid, air-tight case against you complete with irrefutable evidence of your wrongdoing they wouldn't be talking to you, this zine goes on to provide a detailed overview of many common tactics police use when questioning people. The subtitle basically says it all: "staying free by shutting the f--k up!"
Keywords: zine; zines; legal; anarchist
Downloads: 63
[texts] a Decade of Subversion -
DVD compilation of the best videos produced between 2004-2014
Keywords: radfilmarchive; submedia; anarchist; cinema
Downloads: 1,255
[texts]Where Do We Meet Face To Face?
This short text originally appeared in 2001 in the anarchist publication "Killing King Abacus." It explores the topic of alienation in contemporary society and its ever increasing pervasiveness. Arguing that "the system" wants people to be atomized and detached from each other and that atomization will continue as long as society exists, the author argues that anarchists can resist alienation by "...creating projects for ourselves which promote real interactions outside of the roles and relation...
Keywords: zine; zines; anarchist
Downloads: 14
[texts]Red & Anarchist Action Network - Red & Anarchist Action Network
The purpose of the Red & Anarchist Action Network, if it must be summarized, is to concretely untie the far-left (including those radicals who consider themselves to be outside of the bourgeois-political spectrum) in the hopes of forming something powerful enough to positively change every aspect of our lives.
Keywords: RAAN; communist; anarchist; collective
Downloads: 157
[audio]In praise of idleness. - Bertrand Russell
Anti-work talk.
Keywords: political; audio; anarchist; leisure
Downloads: 1,714
collaborazioni cie
Keywords: nocie anarchist noborder
Downloads: 16
[texts]An Anarchist Perspective on Economics - East Midlands Anarchists
While anarchists have generally opposed the creation of 'blueprints'. I believe we do not use our imaginative powers enough to sketch the possible ways our political, economic and social ideas might develop in practice. The syndicalist movement in 1930s Spain, and the individualist anarchists in 1890s America, were not so slow in coming forward with their interpretation of anarchist ideas.
Keywords: Economics; anarchist; anarchism; anarchy
Downloads: 138
[texts]One Journey Into and Out of the Anarchist...Black! - Ashanti Alston
Anarchy as a journey in the human story has a long and crazy road. In fact, it is where the Human Story begins. It is the story of human life BEFORE the advent, the institutionalization of The Muthafuckas.
Keywords: anarchist; black panther
Downloads: 111
[texts]Point of No Return - Unknown
"Point of No Return" is an anarchist zine that looks at the tipping point at which anarchists decide to "be" anarchists. From the introduction: "Anarchists are made and not born. Many of us have stories about specific moments or experiences that marked a turning point, something that made us become anarchists, or realize we already were anarchists. We compiled this zine because we wanted to hear stories of what pushes people over the edge and help us imagine ways we can create breaking points fo...
Keywords: anarchist; anarchism; zine
Downloads: 59
[texts]One Journey Into and Out of the Anarchist...Black! - Ashanti Alston
Anarchy as a journey in the human story has a long and crazy road. In fact, it is where the Human Story begins. it is the story of human life BEFORE the advent, the institutionalization of The Muthafuckas.
Keywords: anarchist; black panther
Downloads: 94
[texts]Glasgow Anarchist Events Posters - Spirit of Revolt.
Posters of Glasgow Anarchist events, held in Spirit of Revolt Archive, Glasgow.
Keywords: anarchist posters; Glasgow; anarchist events; Spirit of Revolt
Downloads: 11
[texts]The Anarchist Handbook - Robert Wells
The best new "How-To" book on improvised weapons in years! Topics covered in-depth include: * How to easily build a rocket launcher (bazooka) and the rockets needed to fire it. * How to build a home-made silencer for pennies. * How to make a hand grenade from scratch. * How to use a shotgun as a grenade launcher. * How to make blasting caps (both electric and nonelectric) from household items. * How to make plastic explosives...
Keywords: improvised weapons; explosives; bomb; anarchist; anarchist cookbook; anarchy
Downloads: 5,280
[audio]Ask the Anarchist Episode 3
Ask the Anarchist Episode 3
Keywords: Ask the Anarchist Episode 3
Downloads: 101
[audio]Ask the Anarchist Podcast #2
Ask the Anarchist Podcast #2
Keywords: Ask the Anarchist Podcast #2
Downloads: 108
[audio]Interview With An Anarchist -
an interview with an anarchist 041807
Keywords: anarchist; interview; theshow; podcast; theshowpodcast
Downloads: 251
[movies]Where Do We Go From Here? Anarchist Panel - Atlanta Indymedia
Video of some of the presentations at an anarchist panel discussion in Atlanta, GA. Presenters covered topics such as youth organizing, local anti-police struggles, and neighborhood-based organizing.
Keywords: atlanta, indymedia, panel, anarchist, speaker
Downloads: 66
info Spain, Franco execution.
Keywords: Spain; Garrotte; Franco; anarchist execution
Downloads: 20
[texts]Resistance, Community, and Renewal - Institute for Anarchist Studies
On October 3-5 2003, approximately 140 anarchists of color gathered in Detroit, Michigan to participate in the first ever Anarchist People of Color Conference. We asked four conference participants to reflect on various aspects of this unprecedented event
Keywords: Anarchist; race; community; conference; Detroit
Downloads: 66
[audio]Literal x new album release - Literal x & Dead_notes
Literal x
Keywords: literal x diy rap anarchist
Downloads: 292
[texts]The Anarchist Library: Emile Armand Is the Illegalist Anarchist our Comrade a4
The Anarchist Library: Emile Armand Is the Illegalist Anarchist our Comrade a4
Keywords: anarchist; anarchists; illegalist; economic; illcgalist; illegal; illegalism; archist; comrade; submissive; illegalist anarchist; submissive anarchist; social milieu; illcgalist anarchist
Downloads: 13
[texts]Memories of a Makhnovist Partisan - Ossip Tsebry
One of those who did not forsake the plough but took up arms in defence of the Russian Revolution, fighting against interventionists, Tsarists, Whites, and Reds, and who linked up with the Makhnovists, survived to tell his story. It is a fascinating account of revolutionary Russia as it really was. This is the second in a series on the history of the now defunct USSR. It will be followed by account of two powerful lies that cost thousands of lives, and others yet to come may include secrets of a...
Keywords: USSR; Tsar; Russia; Japan; anarchist
Downloads: 355
[texts]The Anarchist Library: Jason McQuinn Facing the Enemy A platformist interpretation of the history of anarchist organization a4
The Anarchist Library: Jason McQuinn Facing the Enemy A platformist interpretation of the history of anarchist organization a4
Keywords: anarchist; skirda; anarchists; platformist; history; organizational; organization; insurrectionary; milieu; ideology; anarchist organization; platformist interpretation; anarchist milieu; anarchist movement
Downloads: 18
[audio]Anarchy Radio 04 01 2014 - John Zerzan
weekly anarchy talk show
Keywords: anarchist; green anarchy; anti-authoritarian
Downloads: 366
[texts]Caught in the Web of Deception
Caught in the Web of Deception: And Other Writings on Anarchists and the Media explores the anarchist attitude towards the media. Rather than operating from the assumption that all media coverage is good media coverage, Caught in the Web of Deception argues that the media plays a critical role in propping up capitalist democracy and that as such anarchists should approach it as the enemy. This is an updated version of a pamphlet originally published by Venomous Butterfly and this version substit...
Keywords: anarchist; anarchists; zines; zine; mediaa
Downloads: 25
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